Could you help our Streator church by adopting part of this project?

As many of you know, we are in the process right now of helping our sister church in Streator, Illinois revitalize the ministry of their church. We are currently interviewing and assessing 10 potential pastoral candidates, and we’re also trying to help the church get their parsonage ready for occupancy.

Below is a list of some of the items they will need in order to make their parsonage a nice residence for their new pastor and his family, once he is found. If you or your church is interested in funding one of these items, please use the contact form below to notify us. Your gifts can be sent to our treasurer, Jennifer Carey or you can use the “Donate Online” button to send your gift electronically.

Thank you SO MUCH for helping this church prepare for this next season of ministry to the Streator community!

Please send checks to:

National Mission Board
c/o Mrs. Jennifer Carey, Treasurer
1229 Main St.
Avoca, PA 18641-1721

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  1. Stove: $550 (Paid for by our Tamaqua Church)

  2. Dehumidifier: $175

  3. Kitchen Sink and Fixtures: $250 (Paid for by the Wyoming District)

  4. Electric Dryer: $548

  5. Flooring for back entrance, kitchen, and bathroom: $2,495 (Paid for by the Western District)

  6. Carpet and padding for living room: $1,989

  7. Refrigerator: $600