Current Projects


Relevant Church in Allentown, PA

Relevant Church is led by Darren & Hannah Livie.  For many years, Darren has served as a Youth/Associate Pastor, but in recent years, he began to sense the call to get directly involved with church planting.

The church hosts two worship services on Sundays, one in the morning and one in the evening.  They also recently began a midweek children's ministry called "Kids' Town." At present, they have also been hosting very regular outreach events through movie nights on their lawn, and sports camps that utilize their field.


Mission Life Church in Hazleton, PA

Mission Life Church is led by Mario & Maurina Cordero.  Mario grew up in Mexico and moved to the United States about 20 years ago.  For years, he served as a pastor in Wisconsin, but was recently called to move to Hazleton.

The community of Hazleton has a diverse mix of nationalities.  Mario's calling has been to continue to lead the existing congregation in Hazleton while also reaching out to the growing Hispanic community throughout the city.  


Lowell Bible Church in Lowell, AR

Lowell Bible Church is led by Nelson & Jill Perkinson.  Nelson has been serving in pastoral ministry for several decades.  He has also served as a foreign missionary in Guatemala.

After many years serving in Wisconsin, Nelson felt led to move to Arkansas, where he was born, to begin the process of planting a new church in the town of Lowell.  Nelson also provides pastoral oversight to two young churches in Houston, TX and Tulsa, OK.


BlueStone Church in West Conshohocken, PA

BlueStone Church is led by a unique mix of pastors and church leaders.  It was formed through the cooperative efforts of several churches in the region.  Dylon & Renee Beamer live on site, and Dylon serves as the Campus Pastor.  John Stange serves in a planting capacity and shares preaching responsibilities with Dylon.  Kerry Ritts provides financial oversight for this young congregation.

At present, the congregation meets on Sunday evenings at 6:00pm.  We are grateful for the growth this young church is experiencing, particularly since the community of West Conshohocken has been severely "un-churched" for some time.  Years ago, there were a total of 5 churches in the community, but all of these churches eventually closed.  We are grateful to see that the Lord has opened up this door for ministry in a promising community with a genuine need.

Craig Campbell.jpg

Beaver Falls, PA

The National Mission Board, in cooperation with the leadership of Venture Church, is in the early stages of planting a new church in Beaver Falls, PA.  Work is being done to update the building we have in that location, and Craig & Barb Campbell are in the process of preparing to serve here full-time.  We have also started building friendships and making connections in the community.  

Please be in prayer for this ministry.  We believe this community offers great potential as a meeting place for a future congregation. The current approach to connecting with the community has involved establishing “small-group Bible studies” and investing in ministries for local students. Once these ministries are more established, we’ll begin hosting weekly worship services.

Outpost Church.jpeg

Outpost Church in Elizabeth, PA

Under the oversight of Paul Walter, we are in the process of planting this new church in Elizabeth, PA. A core group of 12 volunteers has been assembled and this group is currently worshipping together on Sunday evenings. They have also been reaching out to the community through a variety of ministries that help with clothing and everyday needs.

This region has recently been affected by persistent flooding, and the church building was adversely affected by this. The process to get this all taken care of is underway, but please keep this initial group of believers that are partnering together to lead this ministry in your prayers.