Now Under the "NMB Umbrella"

For the coming year, the National Mission Board is going to be working with two additional churches that are looking for leadership help and ministry development. Our board has agreed to partner with Trinity Community Church in Levittown, PA and Streator PM Church in Streator, IL.

We would be grateful for your prayers for each church as we seek to develop ministry plans while assisting them in their searches for long-term pastoral leadership.

Streator PM Church:  Streator, Illinois

Streator PM Church: Streator, Illinois

Trinity Community Church:  Levittown, Pennsylvania

Trinity Community Church: Levittown, Pennsylvania

Potential Planting Opportunity

This afternoon we had the privilege to meet up with several men who feel called to plant a church that will help reach Pakistani and Indian families in the Philadelphia area. It was a profitable meeting. Please pray for wisdom and discernment for all involved as these men are about to begin the NMB’s assessment process.

To learn more about the NMB’s assessment process, please visit our “APPLY” page.

Upcoming Training Event in Wisconsin

Hello friends in Wisconsin and Illinois!

At the end of February, I’ll be out your way to meet with churches and pastors, and host several days of training. I hope you’ll be able to be part of it! Here’s the breakdown of what’s going on.

Feb. 26

7:00pm:  Meeting with the leadership of the Streator, Illinois church (with Fred Perkins) to listen to, pray with, and strategize regarding the church’s future.

Feb. 27

2:00pm:  Meet with any pastors and their leadership teams who would be interested in getting together for prayer, encouragement, strategic planning, goal setting. We’ll be discussing the concepts found in Thom Rainer’s book, “Becoming a Welcoming Church.”

7:00pm:  "Creating a discipleship culture in your local church" training seminar.  Open to all pastors and church members who are interested in attending.  This event will be hosted at the Westview Church in Platteville, WI.

Feb. 28

2:00pm:  Meet with any pastors and their leadership teams who would be interested in getting together for prayer, encouragement, strategic planning, goal setting. We’ll be discussing the concepts found in Thom Rainer’s book, “Becoming a Welcoming Church.”

7:00pm:  "Creating a pipeline for a healthy growing church" training seminar.  Open to all pastors and church members who are interested in attending.  This event will be hosted at Beginning Point Church in Benton, WI.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

If you have any questions, please feel free to send me an email.

Your friend in Christ,
Pastor John Stange, NMB Director

Tamaqua's new website is now live

Be sure to check out the Tamaqua Church’s brand new website. It looks great. It’s filled with helpful information, has a modern look, and utilizes automatic scaling to make it easy to use on mobile devices. All around, it looks excellent.

There’s also a great section that includes the history of their church. If you visit the new website, be sure to check it out.

Likewise, be sure to pray for them as they use their new site to connect with their community and share the gospel.

Great job Pastor Rick Clemson and Kyle Martin (NMB Web Supervisor).

How beautiful are the "FEET" of those who bring the good news...


“How beautiful are the FEET of those who bring Good News!” Romans 10:15

Fellow pastor, God has called us to lead our church in the social context of our community to, perhaps above all else, be a “city on a hill that cannot be hidden” for the sake of Jesus and the Gospel itself.

Are we finding our church hidden from those we are called to reach behind the confusing veil of modern millennial communication means that we call “social media”?  Our local-central mission field lives physically in the shadow of our steeple but at the same time they live and communicate in cyberspace--a realm that we may have not understood or entered into.

Introducing: FEET… Facebook Electronic Evangelism Tracts!

FEET is a way for every and any church to enter into your community’s social media conversation with the Gospel linked to the ministry of your church.

We are creating short 30 second video Gospel tracts that are deployed to all those who use Facebook in the area that you are called to reach. Each “electronic tract” is briefly described in the tract’s lay-out on Facebook and then links viewers to your church’s website (if you have one), address and phone number.

This is available to any church regardless of tech-ability level. We will work with you at a coaching level all the way to a full service level. All you have to know is that the Lord has called you to speak His message to your mission field in the language that they understand--we’ll do the rest.

Typical cost to run a FEET campaign is $25 for two weeks depending on the scope of the outreach.

Our church has been using FEET on a continuing basis and the exposure of our three town community to the Gospel and to the ministry of our church has been remarkable, powerful and demonstrable. As an example, here is how one FEET campaign links our community from Facebook to our website where people can learn more about Jesus and us as a ministry:

Contact Dave Liebherr, pastor of Beginning Point Church (PM) in Benton, Wisconsin, at or call/text 262-352-3724 to learn more.

The top areas people utilize on your website

Assuming your church has a website, it can be useful to take a look at the analytics from time to time.  What do people actually look for on your website?  How can your website be a useful tool for ministry and outreach?

Today, I was looking at the analytics for my church's website (  This is what I learned.  Other than the home page, visitors to our site are; 

1.  Listening to recordings of our sermons

2.  Looking to see who leads the church and what kind of leadership we have

3.  Reading about our doctrinal beliefs

4.  Looking at our weekly schedule to figure out when to attend

If you don't have a website, please let us help you create one (we'll make it really easy).  If you do have a website, can people listen to your sermons, learn about your leadership, read about your beliefs, and easily figure out when things are taking place?



A great idea for evangelism...

Last week, we received a great suggestion from Dave Liebherr, pastor of Benton Bible Church.  This is what he shared with us...

We started a series of evangelistic campaigns to our area that we are calling FEET (How lovely are the FEET of him who brings Good News...) [Facebook Electronic Evangelism Tracts] 

Through Facebook "targeted advertising" we send out a short "ad"--really a FEET; 30 second video that we create. It simply presents the Gospel in various ways.

The great thing about using their ad apparatus is their metrics report that lets you know who/ how many/their actions taken...etc. We take that info and turn it into "specific prayer"...for those souls to be touched and saved.

The FEET we just ran (pun intended) reached 700+ (watched entire video) of the 9,800 in our target area (our three towns) and 6 were compelled enough to click on our website through the "learn more" button on the add.

Here is the report that I shared on our FB page for you to see to get an idea of what it looks like:

This is a "trickle campaign" that we will continue perpetually...changing the FEET once a week. It is super cost effective. For the campaign linked above it only cost $10 for that exposure and those results.

Just a brainstorm maybe for other churches to consider if they are on Facebook. I'd be willing to consult with anyone who would like to know more about how this is done through FB.

Be sure to reach out to Dave if you're interested in learning more.  His contact info. is posted on his church website:

Have a great day,

John Stange
NMB Director

This week at "Mission Life Church" in Hazleton, PA


Mission Life Church in Hazleton, PA has been working with the NMB to establish a multi-lingual congregation.  They are doing a great job, under the leadership of Pastor Mario Cordero.  They are working hard to serve their community and reach out to the families in their region.  A big part of their outreach includes their ministries to local children and teensPlease keep them in your prayers, and don't hesitate to reach out to them to let them know you're praying.


Two new "Specialists" appointed

The National Mission Board is excited to announce that two new "Specialists" have been appointed by the Director to our board.

Mary Jane Sweigart.jpg

Mary Jane Sweigart will be leading our "Pastor's Wives Encouragement Network."  We are creating this network for the benefit of the many pastors wives who faithfully support the work of their husbands while often needing encouragement as well.  Mary Jane has a few ideas she's ready to implement to help be a blessing to each of these women.  



Kyle Martin will be joining us to help pastors and churches with website, social media, and other technical needs.  In this era, the Internet is one of the greatest tools we can harness for outreach and evangelism, and Kyle would love to help your church excel in these areas.

Please let us know how we can best serve you and your church as you make the gospel known in your community.

Your friend in Christ,
John Stange
NMB Director


"60-Minute Roundtable for Church Leaders" - June 27 at 1:00pm

Our next "60-Minute Roundtable for Church Leaders" is coming up on Wednesday, June 27 at 1:00pm.  During this hour, we informally discuss various areas of ministry with the goal of encouraging one another and sharpening each other for ministry.

To be part of the call, just call in to our conference call line a few minutes before 1:00pm (Eastern Time) on the 27th.  It's best to call from a cell phone or a line where you have unlimited minutes (so you don't incur a long-distance charge).

Conference Call Number:  712-770-4700
Access Code:  383496

Prior to the call, we would encourage you to read the following article since it will be used as the framework for this month's conversation:  

20 Encouragements for Struggling Church Leaders by Brandon Kelley

Looking forward to talking to you soon!

John Stange
NMB Director