How beautiful are the "FEET" of those who bring the good news...


“How beautiful are the FEET of those who bring Good News!” Romans 10:15

Fellow pastor, God has called us to lead our church in the social context of our community to, perhaps above all else, be a “city on a hill that cannot be hidden” for the sake of Jesus and the Gospel itself.

Are we finding our church hidden from those we are called to reach behind the confusing veil of modern millennial communication means that we call “social media”?  Our local-central mission field lives physically in the shadow of our steeple but at the same time they live and communicate in cyberspace--a realm that we may have not understood or entered into.

Introducing: FEET… Facebook Electronic Evangelism Tracts!

FEET is a way for every and any church to enter into your community’s social media conversation with the Gospel linked to the ministry of your church.

We are creating short 30 second video Gospel tracts that are deployed to all those who use Facebook in the area that you are called to reach. Each “electronic tract” is briefly described in the tract’s lay-out on Facebook and then links viewers to your church’s website (if you have one), address and phone number.

This is available to any church regardless of tech-ability level. We will work with you at a coaching level all the way to a full service level. All you have to know is that the Lord has called you to speak His message to your mission field in the language that they understand--we’ll do the rest.

Typical cost to run a FEET campaign is $25 for two weeks depending on the scope of the outreach.

Our church has been using FEET on a continuing basis and the exposure of our three town community to the Gospel and to the ministry of our church has been remarkable, powerful and demonstrable. As an example, here is how one FEET campaign links our community from Facebook to our website where people can learn more about Jesus and us as a ministry:

Contact Dave Liebherr, pastor of Beginning Point Church (PM) in Benton, Wisconsin, at or call/text 262-352-3724 to learn more.