The top areas people utilize on your website

Assuming your church has a website, it can be useful to take a look at the analytics from time to time.  What do people actually look for on your website?  How can your website be a useful tool for ministry and outreach?

Today, I was looking at the analytics for my church's website (  This is what I learned.  Other than the home page, visitors to our site are; 

1.  Listening to recordings of our sermons

2.  Looking to see who leads the church and what kind of leadership we have

3.  Reading about our doctrinal beliefs

4.  Looking at our weekly schedule to figure out when to attend

If you don't have a website, please let us help you create one (we'll make it really easy).  If you do have a website, can people listen to your sermons, learn about your leadership, read about your beliefs, and easily figure out when things are taking place?