A great idea for evangelism...

Last week, we received a great suggestion from Dave Liebherr, pastor of Benton Bible Church.  This is what he shared with us...

We started a series of evangelistic campaigns to our area that we are calling FEET (How lovely are the FEET of him who brings Good News...) [Facebook Electronic Evangelism Tracts] 

Through Facebook "targeted advertising" we send out a short "ad"--really a FEET; 30 second video that we create. It simply presents the Gospel in various ways.

The great thing about using their ad apparatus is their metrics report that lets you know who/ how many/their actions taken...etc. We take that info and turn it into "specific prayer"...for those souls to be touched and saved.

The FEET we just ran (pun intended) reached 700+ (watched entire video) of the 9,800 in our target area (our three towns) and 6 were compelled enough to click on our website through the "learn more" button on the add.

Here is the report that I shared on our FB page for you to see to get an idea of what it looks like:


This is a "trickle campaign" that we will continue perpetually...changing the FEET once a week. It is super cost effective. For the campaign linked above it only cost $10 for that exposure and those results.

Just a brainstorm maybe for other churches to consider if they are on Facebook. I'd be willing to consult with anyone who would like to know more about how this is done through FB.

Be sure to reach out to Dave if you're interested in learning more.  His contact info. is posted on his church website:  BentonBible.com.

Have a great day,

John Stange
NMB Director